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  • Weekly Studio Classes
    Tues, Fri & Sat
    The Space Between
    Tues, Fri & Sat
    The Space Between, 28 Fenian St, Dublin 2, D02 CY50, Ireland
    I'm currently teaching both in studio and online In these classes, you will work through the full body, build strength & create space. You will also learn to become aware of and control your inner dialogue.

About Gill




​Gill believes life is a continuous balancing act of seeking adventure while creating a home, having fun but pushing yourself to continuously grow, cultivating a never ending awe of the unknowable tempered by a healthy dose of scepticism.


Gill's background in both event management and the food industry, along with her passion for yoga and self development has led her to creating bespoke yoga retreats that will allow you to completely relax, knowing that everything you need has been thought of  and taken care of.

Gill loves to keep busy and loves to create. Her latest project is Yogi Stories, unique and beautifully designed 14k gold over sterling silver necklaces. The are just two designed currently as the stories and designs were painstaking chosen to create something truly meaningful and special. There are a very limited number currently available and are a gorgeous gift for you or for someone you love. Gill is very proud of Yogi Stories and is sure you will love the stories and the necklaces too.

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